Molicare Premium Elastic 9 Drop Small 2546ml


Size: (waist 60-90cms) Pkt/26  

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MoliCare Premium Elastic 9D better care made easy for severe incontinence.

  • Comfort and security to suit all body shapes thanks to its elasticated side panels
  • Two side panels and two reclosable tabs for easy handling and perfect closing results
  • Due to elasticated side panels product will suit and adapt to all body shapes and movement
  • Less handling during product change preserves the persons dignity
  • Approx 20% faster application as well as easier and more ergonimic handling for caregivers
  • Prevents skin irritation in skin folds

MoliCare Premium Elastic has all the other benefits of:

  • Anti-leakage system for more security
  • 3- layer absorbent core and advanced dry technology to keep skin dry
  • Active skin protection – skin friendly pH5.5 for maximum skin compatability
  • Odour neutraliser 
  • Quick dry system with fast dry effect
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatogically tested

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