Tena Duo Protection Layer


Specifically developed to support faecal continence.  Designed to be inserted into a base pad from the Tena range   Unisex Pkt/30

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TENA Duo Protection Layer is a purpose-built faecal management solution that is used in partnership with a base pad (such as TENA flex).  The bowl-shaped design of the TENA Duo Protection Layer captures faeces to save the base pad from contamination.  It can be easily removed and replaced, extending the life of the base pad, saving change time and cost.

Tena Duo has no plastic backing and therefore no absorbency value so enables urine to flow through to the base pad, optimising the urinary capacity of the base pad.

  • Inserted into a base pad, TENA Duo Protection Layer™ works to protect the TENA base pad from faecal contamination
  • Side elastics work to create the bowl-shaped design that offers a cavity area for containment
  • Body shape design optimizes comfort and provides a superior body fit
  • Specially designed to be partnered with a base pad from the TENA range, to promote wearer comfort
  • Non-woven backsheet enables urine to flow through to the base pad, optimizing the urinary capacity of the TENA base pad
  • Through protection of the base pad, less changes of the TENA base pad are promoted


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