Tena Proskin Flex Super Medium 2179ml


A unique belted brief that minimises lifting and is proven to reduce the risk of back strain while making changes less intrusive.  The adjustable belt and tabs help to make it easy for carers.  Tena flex has a breathable material and Comfistretch elastics. Triple Protection for skin health, Wetness Indicator, Odour Neutraliser, Extender belt Size:…

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A belted product with added absorbency that allows for easier, more ergonomic changing and with a comfortable, discreet fit. TENA Flex Super provides anatomically shaped protection with double absorption cores for leakage security.

  • The Superfit Waist Belt facilitiates quicker and easier changing
  • The breathable material and design help maintain healthy skin
  • Fast liquid absorption and a highly absorbent core provide lasting dryness

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