Tena Proskin Flex Ultima XL 5100ml


Size: (waist 105-153 cms) Pkt/17  

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The Tena PROskin Flex Ultima is a revolutionary belted incontinence brief for easier more ergonomic change for the carer and high security for the user. The super absorbent incontinence products are ideal for those with heavy to severe incontinence. The brief is held in place using a unique easy-fastening system that secures the pad to the belt. For ease of use and best fit, the soft COMFIStretch elastic belt easily adjusts to different body shapes, securing comfortable fit and superior leakage security.

The easy-grip hooks can be fastened at the front and are fully adjustable to suit different body types for a reliable protection against leaks. The product can be easily changed in different positions such as front and back, standing or lying down and can be easily re-fastened and adjusted for a perfect, secure fit. The brief has Fingerlift, a smart tab to easily find the belt opening and quickly get the product ready to use for improved ergonomic application.

This product also takes care of the skin health by its FeelDry Advanced technology that provides fast absorption, keeping the skin dry, with Triple protection for dryness, softness and leakage security, to help maintain natural skin health. TENA Flex Ultima is ideal for someone less mobile and  is suitable for sudden and full emptying of the bladder as well as overnight use.


  • Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture helps the user to stay dry, secure and confident at all times, both day and night
  • FeelDry Advanced top sheet and distribution layer draws liquid away from the surface, keeping the skin dry
  • Soft, elastic ComfiStretch belt easily adjusts to fit different body shapes
  • FingerLift™ opening – a smart tab to easily find the belt opening and quickly get the product ready to use for improved easy and ergonomic application
  • Ergonomic featuring an integrated fastening belt which is designed for easier product changes
  • Adjustable fixation can open or re-open as many times as needed without losing grip properties
  • Dermatologically tested to ensure effectiveness and gentleness
  • Accredited by Skin Health Alliance that accredits all TENA ProSkin products as always skin-friendly

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